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NEWS | Dec. 21, 2017

Army Reserve Ambassador receives public service award

By Staff Sgt. Shawn Morris 99th Readiness Division

U.S. Army Reserve Ambassador (Emeritus) Ronald E. Weil Sr. of Hamden, Connecticut, recently received the Public Service Commendation Medal.

Weil has served as an Army Reserve ambassador since May 2000 and is a national leader in communicating the Army Reserve message to leaders and the public. He has worked with Connecticut’s Congressional Delegation to educate on the unique operational capabilities and economic value the Army Reserve brings to the state and nation.

Weil’s work with the Recruiting Command lent assistance to gaining access to high schools, and to open Yale Medical School for Army Recruiting. He continually works with the University of Connecticut Reserve Officers Training Corps to ensure cadets know the options of becoming an Army Reserve officer.

Weil serves on the Congressional Military Advisory Council, the Service Academy Selection Committee and as vice commissioner of the Hamden Connecticut Veteran’s Commission. He also works with local groups such as the Reserve Officer’s Association, Association of the United States Army and the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve to ensure the Army Reserve’s needs and the needs of Soldiers are addressed.

The Army Reserve Ambassador Program was established in 1998 to promote awareness of the Army Reserve, its goals and objectives, and to serve as a vital bridge in our states/communities to further educate and garner support for the Army Reserve. Ambassadors are a powerful means of message delivery to the American people.

The function of the ambassador is similar to that of civilian aides to the Secretary of the Army, and carries a protocol status equivalent of a major general that is a key means by which ambassadors are able to effectively execute their responsibilities. Ambassadors are Special Government Employees who represent the Chief of the Army Reserve without salary, wages or related benefits.

Ambassadors provide community outreach assistance to Army Reserve members/families, other military personnel/families as needed, and provide feedback on plans, programs and needs to the commander of the Army Reserve, the Readiness Division commander and to local Army Reserve commanders.

Additionally, ambassadors build relationships and strive to improve the understanding and knowledge of the Army Reserve within the business and social sectors of communities across America. They help to educate the public, community leaders, and congressional staff offices about the capabilities and values of the Army Reserve and the Soldiers who live and work in their communities. They establish open lines of communication with the local communities; and they work to support recruiting efforts by assisting community and business leaders in recognizing that the Army Reserve strengthens the Soldiers, the community, and the nation.

While not all ambassadors have military experience, many are retired officers or senior non commissioned officers who wish to remain engaged in military affairs. Each state and territory has at least one Army Reserve ambassador.

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