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NEWS | Nov. 22, 2017

Mail call a morale boost for Army Reserve Soldiers in Puerto Rico

By Spc. Anthony Martinez U.S. Army Reserve Command

U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers assigned to the 271st Human Resources Company provide postal services to the Service Members providing support in Puerto Rico after the devastating landfall of Hurricane Maria.

The 271st Human Resources Company has two mail terminals providing mail to the 1st Mission Support Command soldiers and to all Service Members working in relief efforts after Hurricane Maria at the convention center.

Staff Sgt. Luis Lopez, a human resources specialist assigned to the 271st HR Co., said that the mail terminals average around 100 packages a week, ranging from letters from family members to boxes of supplies needed by the Service Members.

“Our mission increases the morale of the Soldiers,” said Lopez. “They get happy when they get mail from their family, it makes them feel better.”

Other Soldiers assigned to the 271st expressed their thoughts on being part of this mission.

“When you are away from your family just receiving a simple letter makes you feel like there is hope,” said Spc. John Santos, a human resources specialist assigned to the 271st HR Co. “It makes me feel like I’m doing something helping the people that are helping, so it makes me feel good.”

Santos also added that the Service Members receiving mail have been very appreciative and happy about the services being provided by the 271st Human Resources Company.

First Lt. Pedro Rodriguez, human resources officer and the officer in charge of the mail terminal at the convention center said, “We are doing our part so Puerto Rico could get better and we can rebuild our nation.”

“I’m really grateful and happy with my soldiers for doing what we do for the island where we were born and raised,” added Rodriguez. “I have the best group of soldiers that I have worked with, they are fully committed and motivated to help others and themselves and they are always positive to grow in our Army.”