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NEWS | May 22, 2017

Army Reserve commanding general visits Soldiers in Canada

By Staff Sgt. Michael Crawford 326th Mobile Public Affairs Detatchment

The commanding general of the U.S. Army Reserve Command visited Soldiers along his Road to Awesome during an international training mission May 18 at Camp Wainwright, Alberta.

Lt. Gen. Charles Luckey, chief of Army Reserve and commanding general of the U.S. Army Reserve Command, met with America's Army Reserve Soldiers stationed in the field with Canadian Soldiers for Maple Resolve 17.

More than 650 U.S. Army Soldiers are supporting Maple Resolve 17, the Canadian Army’s premiere brigade-level validation exercise running May 14-29. The U.S. Army is providing a wide array of combat and support elements. These include sustainment, psychological operations, public affairs, aviation and medical units.

“What I want you to get out of this, in addition to our partnering with our brothers and sisters from the Canadian armed forces is a recognition of we’re moving into a threat environment that’s different than what we’ve ever dealt with,” Luckey said to Army Reserve Soldiers with the 993rd Transportation Company based in Tampa, Florida. “If I can’t deploy anybody, it doesn’t do any good. This is about fighting and winning war."

Readiness is the top priority of the Army Reserve. As part of the Total Force, the U.S. Army Reserve exists to provide operating and generating forces to support Army contingency operations throughout the world. Reserve units participating in Maple Resolve 17 will sharpen individual skill sets while enhancing overall unit readiness.

“What we’re doing is getting after combat readiness,” Luckey stressed. “We have Soldiers out here learning stuff; digging combat positions, getting on vehicles, being prepared to defeat enemy threats, whether they’re mounted or dismounted, and to be able to do it in a full spectrum of contested environments – air, sea, space, cyber; you name it, adversaries are going to try and confound us in each one of those domains. Working together in this team on the ‘Road to Awesome’ is going to be able to make sure we outpace those threats.”