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NEWS | April 26, 2017

Desert Medics, ARCENT celebrate 25 years of partnership

By Sgt. Bethany Huff U.S. Army Central

Through the blood, sweat and tears, “Desert Medics” have held down the medical care for servicemembers for the past 25 years within the Middle East.

From the mountains of Afghanistan to the pyramids of Egypt the 3rd Medical command has a flourishing partnership with U.S. Army Central as the forward command element remains committed to ensuring Soldiers receive the best healthcare possible on the battlefield.

“The relationship between ARCENT and the 3rd medical command is one of mutual loyalty, respect, and dedication that is not unlike what exists between units in the same regiment,” said Col. Robert Suter, the commander of 3rd Medical Command (Deployment Support).

This partnership helps to ensure readiness across theater operations supporting Soldiers within ARCENT.

“Since [the 3rd Medical Command’s] rebirth in 1991, it has always been ARCENT’s medical command,” said the Dallas, Texas native.

While 3rd Medical Command is a U.S. Army Reserve component, the Soldiers within the formation are a mix of reserve and active duty members. These servicemembers have a variety of specialties which includes: health care specialists, nurses, physicians, dentists, surgeons and veterinarians.

“The large majority of the Soldiers that are a part of the reserve have a similar skill set that’s just outside of their jobs,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Andy Wilson, the command sergeant major for 3rd Medical Command (Deployment Support). “Or it could be that they’re practicing these skills every day of their life and they put on the uniform and continue to do the same. Regardless, all of the Soldier’s added skills are unmatched.”

The partnership between 3rd Medical Command and ARCENT is providing the Army with readiness capabilities by providing access to a variety of specialized capabilities while deployed.

“Our Soldiers are part of an extraordinary mission that helps us support the warfighters,” said Suter. “Their role here is very important; it builds on the hard work of the many Soldiers that came before them.”