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NEWS | April 5, 2017

Army Reserve unit prepares Reserve and Guard forces ahead of deployments

By Sgt. Aaron Berogan 85th Support Command

FORT HOOD, Texas — The Army Reserve plays an intricate role in the nation’s defense and readiness against an unpredictable enemy.

The Army Reserve Soldiers assigned to the 85th Support Command’s 3/335th Training Support Battalion, operationally controlled by First Army, will assist in that role throughout the next year while mobilized at Fort Hood, Texas.

The 3/335th TSBn’s mission will be focused on preparing and training small elements of Army Reserve and National Guard units to ensure that they are properly equipped and fulfill their pre-deployment training ahead of overseas missions.

“We need to do everything in our power to ensure these Soldiers are trained and ready,” explained Command Sgt. Maj. Gilbert Garrett, Command Sergeant Major, 3/335th TSBn. “If they come back and say, ‘Hey that thing you taught me saved our lives and everyone returned home because of it,’ then we did our job right.”

In support to the Army Total Force, the 3/335th TSBn operates with both Reserve and Active Components to prepare Reserve and Guard forces that will deploy to sustain and support active duty partners deployed forward.

“(Army Reservists) basically have 36 days in a year to conduct training (ahead of a deployment),” explained Lt. Col. Grider, 3/335th TSBn commander. “With our partnership, the active (component) can help maximize the time available for training,” continued Grider. “(In our role), we help our active partners understand what it is that makes the reserves unique with the low density (Military Occupational Specialty) that provide key support and fill gaps that the active duty doesn’t have the ability to fill.”

Attached to the 3/335th TSBn is the 2/348th TSBn based in Puerto Rico.

“I feel pride,” said Staff Sgt. David Hernandez, Telecommunication Operations Chief, 2/348th TSBn, talking about his mission here. “It feels good to (support our) Soldiers and make sure they are ready for (their) mission.”

While mobilized to Fort Hood, Texas, 3/335 TSBn moved from under the control of 157th Infantry Brigade to the 120th Infantry Brigade, First Army, Division West.

“We run a wide gambit of major exercises over the course of what consumes a lot of time and energy with big units,“ explained Col. Brian Payne, Brigade Commander, 120th INF BDE “But they only represent a fraction of the number of units we actually touch. The smaller units, that come from below, make up over 60 percent of the units that come through our door. By bringing on the Third of the Three-Three Fifth, we will become more efficient and effective in training.”

The 3/335th TSBn’s mission will ensure that reserve Soldiers remain among the most capable, combat ready, and lethal reserve force in our nation’s history. Their roles will include assisting guard and reserve units to develop their training schedules, ahead of deployments, while the units are still conducting their battle assemblies at their home stations. Once units arrive on the ground at their mobilization site, support will involve training units participating in Mission Ready Exercises, which act as War Mission Simulations in their final stage before Deployment.