NEWS | Dec. 29, 2016

CSM Maynard leaves the 310th ESC for new assignment

By Capt. Sean Delpech 310th Expeditionary Sustainment Command

INDIANAPOLIS - 310th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Soldiers, civilians and families bid farewell to Command Sgt. Maj. Levi G. Maynard as he transferred to a new assignment recently. 

Before leaving for new challenges with the 81st Regional Support Command, at Ft. Jackson, S.C, Maynard spoke at a short, informal ceremony at the SPC Luke P. Frist Army Reserve Center on historic Ft. Benjamin Harrison Oct. 23, 2016,. Maynard expects the lessons learned from leadership in the 310th ESC to guide him moving forward.

“I think we’ve made significant advances at the 310th ESC, especially with the emphasis on the NCO,” said Maynard. Through NCO professional development, stressing discipline, the traditions of the NCO corps, and counseling measures throughout the ranks, we’ve seen a shift and growth in the professionalism and effectiveness of the non-commissioned officer,” said Maynard.

As the senior enlisted advisor for the Soldiers, Families, and civilian staff of the 310th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) since accepting the position on June 28, 2014, Maynard has spent the time assigned to the unit as a prime motivator in building a strong culture of professional excellence.

 “One of our greatest tools has been strengthening the NCO professional development program, increasing the understanding for NCO’s of their responsibilities in both leadership and enforcing standards,” said Maynard.
Part of that push to build a strong enlisted corps has been focusing on traditions and building a competitive team.

“Military customs and courtesies has been one of our focus points in this, and we’ve seen vast improvements in discipline, appearance, and overall military bearing within the Command,” said Maynard. 

This includes the ceremonial aspects of the non-commissioned officer corps.

“The traditions surrounding the Army NCO are another important facet of the culture within the 310th ESC that we have worked to strengthen,” said Maynard. 

“The most recent example is the NCO Induction Ceremony we conducted in June, 2016,” continued Maynard, “The NCO Induction ceremony is a tradition representing the professional and storied Army NCO corps that Soldiers become a part of when they pin on the rank of an NCO. 

“More than ever, it is important to remind Soldiers of the central place our NCO’s play in the Army Reserve today,” continued Maynard, “and the induction ceremony fulfills that role.”

“Another important tradition that we have worked to improve during my time in the 310th ESC is our Best Warrior Competition,” said Maynard. “Now we have a solid BWC program in place that will help with retention and with changing Soldiers’ mindset into a more expeditionary mode, always ready to move out,” said Maynard.

 “I’m confident that the NCO’s that are here will carry on in the future with building new leadership tools like the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, which I would like to see in the 310th ESC,” said Maynard.

“It’s important that the Soldiers of the Command keep an expeditionary mindset,” said Maynard, “my vision was to see the 310th ESC as the premier ESC in the Army, and the programs and policies we have developed, and strengths we have worked to bring out of our Soldiers, have assisted in putting us on our way toward that goal.”

Originally from Charlestown, West Indies, Maynard began his military career in 1986 when he enlisted as a Transportation Specialist, serving with the 7th Infantry Division at Fort Ord, California, Transportation Specialist and Customs Inspector, Installation Transportation Office with the 2nd Infantry Division at Camp Casey, Korea, then a Cargo Operations non-commissioned officer at Military Ocean Terminal in Bayonne, NJ. Maynard also held positions as Transportation Supervisor with the 2122nd USAG in Baltimore, Maryland, was the Detachment Sergeant for the 468th Transportation Detachment at Ft. Meade Maryland, and the 199th Transportation Detachment at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, then as the 1st Sgt. Of the 949th Transportation Company (Floating Craft) in Baltimore, Maryland, the Command Sgt. Major of several Army Reserve battalions, the Command Sgt. Maj. of the 55th Sustainment Brigade at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia and as Deputy of Command Support Operation, Camp Eggers, Afghanistan. 

“It’s tough leaving this position,” said Maynard, “I put my heart and soul into the 310th ESC, and I loved every minute of it.”

“The best part of my assignment here was helping these Soldiers with improving, keeping them in formation, helping them understand that, even if they are just starting out in the Army Reserve, they are the most important part of the team,” said Maynard.