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NEWS | Nov. 30, 2015

Creating the ‘Coolest Team of this Nation’

By Staff Sgt. DALTON Smith 316th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)

“We are obligated to make what’s right for this nation,” said LTG Charles D. Luckey, Chief of Army Reserve and Commanding General U.S. Army Reserve Command during a visit with the 316th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) ESC  at North Fort Hood, Texas.

Upon hearing the Army ask Congress for authorization to make an increase in its use of National Guard and Army Reserve in combatant commands around the world, Luckey wants to make the Army Reserve be on the same page as the Active Army.

“Every Soldier and every Reserve unit must be prepared to go into battle,” said Luckey. “You have a team and they have to be ready to come together and work together.”

The Army Reserve is a critical force provider of trained and ready units and Soldiers providing full spectrum capabilities essential for the Army to fight and win wars and respond to homeland emergencies on behalf of the American people.  

As the Chief of Army Reserve and commanding general, Luckey leads a community-based force of more than 200,000 Soldiers and Civilians with a "footprint" that includes 50 states, five territories and more than 30 countries.

“I have to be able to tell the Chief of Staff of the Army, the Army Reserve units are capable to be ready at any moment and be at the same level of the Active Army,” said Luckey.

Luckey’s focus on making what’s right for this nation is his ‘Road to Awesome,’ which includes leadership, energy and execution. He says the biggest factor on this road is to change our sense of who we are.

When Reserve Soldiers go back to their civilian jobs after drill weekend, most go back to a job pertaining to their job in the Army. They develop and hone their skills there and then bring them back to the Army.

"We train our Soldiers to be the best in their career fields and after their obligated contract time, we hope to retain them in the civilian sector by contracting," said Luckey.
"We understand the private sector wants to employ them to have their knowledge. By retaining them as a contractor, the Army Reserve wants them to continue to teach and train our troops so the Soldiers in the future can become experts in their career field."

Luckey says he wants to transform the Citizen Soldier and Twice the Citizen into the Spirit of America.

“Because of our reach into America, we give everyone a clear shot at any job,” said Luckey. “Telling them ‘You can do it’ creates their spirit.”

This incorporates living the Army Values, reciting the Soldiers Creed and furthering leadership capabilities.

“From the depths of your souls,” said Luckey. “We are the Coolest Team of this Nation!”