Reserve CST Leads Multi-National CBRN Demonstration
Soldiers with the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces (FAR), Salvage and Rescue Unit don their personal protective suits in preparation to enter the ‘hot zone’ during a CBRN demonstration, Jun. 9, 2023, at the Port of Agadir, Morocco, part of Africa Lion. The FAR joined the 773rd Civil Support Team, 7th Mission Support Command, completing academics and scenario-based training on CBRN and weapons of mass destruction incident response, building greater shared understanding of CBRN operations between partner nations and increasing interoperability. The 773rd is a technical HAZMAT reaction team, the only one of its kind in the U.S. Army Europe - Africa area of operations. Exercises such as African Lion provide opportunities for this specialized Army Reserve asset to assess, develop, and train alongside Allies and partners, getting the repetitions needed to fight and win together, on the modern-day battlefield, and illustrates the vital role America’s Army Reserve fills in unilateral military operations around the globe. 18 nations and approximately 8,000 personnel will participate in African Lion 2023, U.S. Africa Command's largest annual combined, joint exercise that will take place in multiple countries to include Morocco from May 13 - June 18, 2023.