Observer coach trainer embraces both of his Citizen-Soldier skills to enhance his career roles
U.S. Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Ian Fairweather, Observer Coach/ Trainer, 1-338th Training Support Battalion, 85th U.S. Army Reserve Support Command, observes the training area during the Spartan Warrior Three training exercise at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, June 19, 2022. Fairweather serves as an Army Reserve Soldier in a multi-component partnership with First Army's 181 Multi-Functional Training Brigade. He joined the Army Reserve after completing a four-year contract as an active-duty Army infantry Soldier. Fairweather continues his service, as an observer coach/trainer, to assist Soldiers and units enhance their capabilities and readiness standards. Fairweather utilizes his job skills from both sides of his role as a Citizen-Soldier to benefit the Army as well as his civilian career. (U.S. Army Reserve photo by Staff Sgt. Erika Whitaker)