Army Reserve Soldiers ready National Guard military police unit ahead of deployment
An M240 machine gun team from the 268th Military Police Company, of the Tennessee National Guard fires at targets, while observed by observer coach/trainers assigned to the 3-360th Training Support Battalion, during a range training exercise at Fort Bliss, Texas. The training focused primarily on communications between the tower, base defense operations cell (BDOC) and the quick reaction force (QRF). Soldiers also worked on maintaining combat effectiveness for a prolonged period of time while using a disciplined approach to conserving ammunition. The 3-360th TSBN based in Salt Lake City, Utah, currently mobilized to First Army’s 5th Armored Brigade, is an OC/T unit that is responsible for training Army Reserve and Army National Guard units before they deploy overseas. The Soldiers within the unit represent a variety of military occupational specialties. (U.S. Army Reserve photo by Staff Sgt. David Lietz)