3d MC(DS) Soldier Supports Medical Command of the Armed Forces Ukraine
Capt. Brandi Taylor-Cuevas, with US Army Europe and Africa, Office of the USAREUR-AF Command Surgeon, Global Health Engagement Branch, led a multinational and joint strategic level training needs assessment and analysis of the Medical Services of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on behalf of U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) in Ukraine and the European Combatant Command. The team consisted of some of the leading subject matter experts in their respective fields from the Defense Institute of Medical Operations (U.S. Air Force), Center for Global Health Engagements (Uniformed Service University), Op Unifier (Canada), Office of Defense Coordination (DoD), USAREUR-AF, and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (Army). Training with the Armed Forces of Ukraine is one of the largest security cooperation engagements within the US Army Europe area. Since the inception of the Armed Forces Ukraine, Medical Services Command in FEB 2020, Taylor-Cuevas has facilitated multiple meetings, cooperation engagements, and aligned U.S. Stakeholders with combatant command strategy and AFU priorities of effort. Taylor-Cuevas' professional and personal commitment was recognized by the Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Medical Forces. Taylor-Cuevas a Soldier with the 8th Medical Brigade, is one example of how Army Reserve Soldiers support USAREUR-AF and the Total Army mission and readiness.