U.S. Army Reserve Officer Reflects on her 20-Year Career: From German Native to U.S. Army Reserve Veterinary Preventive Medicine Office
Maj. Stephanie Wire examines a shelter cat prior to surgery at the Anti-Cruelty Society Chicago in March 2017. The 7353rd Veterinary Detachment (Hobart, IN) and the 719th Medical Detachment (Veterinary Support) (Ft. Sheridan, IL) took the necessary legal steps to be authorized to work with Paws Chicago, a non-for-profit organization, to provide no or low cost spay/neuter procedures for shelter animals and low-income families. The location for this is at the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, IL. VCOs and Animal Care Specialists provide manpower to conduct these surgery events, and in turn, we are able to provide hands-on training for our soldiers as many reserve 68Ts are not veterinary technicians in their civilian lives.