Army Reserve Life: Firefighter & 92Y Supply Sergeant
Army Reserve Life takes a look into Soldiers balancing dual careers. Sgt. Lysander Amado is a civilian firefighter and 92Y Supply Sergeant in the Army Reserve. After playing college football at the defensive tackle position, he decided his next big move was to join the Army Reserve, after gaining inspiration from recruitment commercials. Joining helped him realize he can overcome any challenge in his professional and personal life. Being a firefighter mimics his military profession with working in teams. His fellow firefighters show love and support for his military career. What sets Sgt. Amado apart from his peers is his steady readiness and discipline. Unit: 399th Field Hospital, 804th Medical Brigade, 3rd Medical Command (Deployment Support) Directed by Maj. Satomi M. Martin. Director of Photography by Spc. Maurice Cheeks. Edited by Spc. Maurice Cheeks Photo captured by Spc. Maurice Cheeks