Army Reserve Life: Police Officer & 68W Combat Medic Specialist
Army Reserve Life takes a look into Soldiers balancing dual careers. Spc. Lucas Ramalho, a civilian police officer and combat medic in the Army Reserve, was originally born in Brazil. He joined the Army Reserve as a way to give back to the country that provided a wonderful environment for him to grow up in. What Spc. Ramalho uniquely brings to the Army Reserve is diversity and a strong sense of achieving the American Dream. The Army Reserve set him apart from his peers by learning combat medicine, leadership, honor, and helped him to become more professional throughout his life. Unit: 399th Field Hospital, 804th Medical Brigade, 3rd Medical Command (Deployment Support) Directed by Maj. Satomi M. Martin. Director of Photography by Spc. Maurice Cheeks. Edited by Spc. Maurice Cheeks Photo by Spc. Maurice Cheeks