Military medical might: Healthy Cortland IRT in full swing
Capt. Molly Spears, A vet corps officer of the 169th at Fort Gordon, GA, consoles her canine patient as she awakes after surgery. This year’s Healthy Cortland & Greater Chenango Cares FY19 IRT mission is led by the Colorado Air National Guard, and is comprised of Advice Duty Air Force, Army, Navy, Reserves and National Guard troops working alongside our local community partners to bring health care and veterinary services to the underserved communities of Cortland and Chenango counties in New York. The training and readiness requirements being accomplished on this mission are mutually beneficial and provide extraordinary opportunity for the military members to give back to the local communities through no-cost medical care. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Tecnical Sgt. Brian K. Ford)