Chief Warrant Officer 5 Eric Nordby currently serves as an Internal Affairs Investigator with the Omaha, Nebraska Police Department and serves as the command chief warrant officer for the 85th U. S. Army Reserve Support Command. He is a veteran law enforcement officer with 27 years of experience. Nordby grew up in rural north central Nebraska and studied pre-medicine before he joined the Army and started a career in law enforcement. Nordby worked on a missing person case in 2006, when he was a detective at the Omaha Police Department. The case involved a teenage girl named Jessica O'Grady who suddenly went missing after meeting with her boyfriend, Christopher Edwards, at his home on May 10, 2006. She had intended to tell him she was pregnant.  Nordby was assigned to the case and interviewed the suspect, Edwards. Through determination and cooperation involving multiple law enforcement agencies, Edwards was convicted of murder even though O'Grady's body was never found. (Photo courtesy of Eric Nordby)