962nd Mortuary Affairs welcomed home
Capt. Ruth Fa'atiga, company commander of the 962nd Quartermaster (Mortuary Affairs) Co. addresses Detachment 2 of the 962nd at the final welcome home ceremony for the company. The 962nd QM (MA) is unique in its mission and dispersement in that the Soldiers of its formation are from Alaska, American Samoa, Guam, Saipan, the islands of Hawaii and other locations as well, yet they mobilized together with one mission. The company was also deployed to the Central Command region in two separate deployments, Detachment 1 first, which returned last year, and now Detachment 2 has completed their successful deployment. The Soldiers of this geographically dispersed unit all fall under one motto, Respect and Reverence. The Yellow Ribbon Program is hosted by Pacific Army Reserve family programs and attendees are privy to classes, information and one on one assistance tailored to the needs of families and service members.