1st Sgt. Harry J. Adams
From the Catalogue of Official A.E.F. Photographs taken by the Signal Corps: "Harry J. Adams, First sergeant, Company K, 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division, of Rochester, N. Y., came over with the first 700. On Sept. 12th he was told by lieutenant to see if there were any more Germans in town, after he and the lieutenant had captured 80. Adams saw a German run into a house and he followed. He entered in time to see the Boche go through a trap door in the wall. At that time he had two shots left in his automatic. He fired these through the door and told him to come out. This left him with an empty pistol. The Boche came out; with him came 1 lieutenant colonel, 18 staff officers, and 355 soldiers. Bouillonville, Meurthe et Moselle, France. Sept. 20, 1919.