Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor speaks at GE Military Externship Graduation
Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin, Rebecca Kleefisch addressed the graduates, attendees, and honored guests during the General Electric Military Externship graduation ceremony. "What you get with an Army Reservist is someone with deep dedication," she stated. "Soft skills that come in droves, someone who understands the chain of command, chain of supply; someone who understands that you show up, every time, on time, actually five minutes ahead of time. These things may seem really small, but at the end of the day, you've chosen stars to invest in," stated Lt. Governor Kleefisch. "And for that, I am really proud." This graduation marks the 100th Army Reserve soldier to graduate from the externship. The externship for biomedical equipment specialists with the 68A military occupational speciality (MOS), is a professional development program, a non-degree or additional skill identifier (ASI) producing program. The externship program aligns with GE's commitment to strengthening America's global competitiveness by building a more highly skilled workforce and supporting the integration of the nation's veterans into the industry.