Out front of the class
In February 1972, six Woman Army Corps noncommissioned officers from Fort McClellan, Ala., enrolled in the Drill Sergeant Program at Fort Jackson, S.C. Upon graduation, they were authorized to wear the newly designed female drill sergeant hat that was designed by Brig. Gen. Mildred C. Bailey. The design was taken from the Australian Bush Hat and was originally beige. The color changed to green in 1983 and remains in effect today. The male drill sergeant hat, which is often called the brown round, started in various forms from 1850 through 1939. The present style of campaign hat evolved from the straw or felt slough "Hardee Hat" of the 1850s through the center crease designs of the 1880s, to the present day modified "Montana Peak" that was adopted in 1911. (U.S. Army Reserve Photo by Maj. Michelle Lunato/released)