Resolute Castle: A different kind of grading for a local school

By Capt. Colin Cutler | 926th Engineer Brigade | Aug. 23, 2017

CINCU, Romania — Resolute Castle 17 Soldiers of the Romanian 10th Engineer Brigade have been regrading a soccer field at Cincu Primary School at the request of the mayor of Cincu. After 1st Lt. Adrian Cudalbu of the 1st Civil-Military Cooperation Battalion discussed the issue with Premier Sorin Suciu in July, he coordinated with the Romanian and U.S. military forces at Resolute Castle 17 to repair some holes in the field and regrade it before school begins again in mid-September.

“Our Romanian counterparts had the equipment and saw something that needed done, so they went and did it,” said Maj. Joshua Standridge of the 178th Engineer Battalion, South Carolina Army National Guard.

“Projects like this show the local communities that the Army can make positive contributions in national aid,” said Maj. Ionut Popescu of 02399 Battalion Naval, 10th Engineer Brigade. “It gives a face to the Soldiers.”

Resolute Castle 17 is a multi-national exercise headed by the 926th Engineer Brigade and currently incorporating elements of the South Carolina National Guard and Romanian 10th Engineer Brigade to strengthen the NATO alliance and build training infrastructure; thereby increasing its capacity to respond to threats within the region.

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