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Command Sergeant Major Ian L. Coyle

Command Sergeant Major

CSM Coyle began his military career by graduating from infantry OSUT training at Ft.
Benning, Georgia in 1982. He was promoted to Staff Sergeant Major on January 1, 2004
and became a CSM on 15 November 2008.
CSM Coyle was on Active Duty as a paratrooper with C. Co. 509th Airborne Pathfinder
Inf. from 1982-1985. When CSM Coyle got off active duty until he made SGM in 2004
he held various Infantry assignments with the 91st Training Division until 2003. Late
1980s and early 1990s. CSM Coyle was a Drill Sergeant then Senior Drill Sergeant then
went off to train Soldiers to become Drill Sergeants as a Drill Sergeant leader. 1992-
2000 CSM Coyle was an OC/T and had the opportunity to work with National Guard and
Reserve Army units conducting lane’s training as a lane’s trainer and OPFOR NCOIC. In
2000 CSM Coyle was promoted to E-8 as an Operations Sergeant for 1st BDE/91st Div.
2002 CSM Coyle was a 1SG/NCOIC. 2003 CSM Coyle was mobilized as Battle Staff
NCO and spent a year training Battle Staff NCOs from various units in preparation for
their deployments in the MDMP. 2004 CSM Coyle was assigned as an Operations
Sergeant Major in the 104th Division and attended the resident Sergeant Major Academy
at Fort Bliss. After graduating from the academy CSM Coyle mobilized at Fort Bliss and
had the opportunity to be the first TF SGM for the Detainee training facility at Fort Bliss
and then spent a year as a Task Force SGM for a unit training Soldiers, Airmen and
Sailors in Platoon training sets for their deployment overseas. 2008 CSM Coyle was a
Brigade Operations Sergeant Major. 2009 CSM Coyle worked as command control C2
SGM for a Medical unit helping deploying medical units prepare for deployment. 2009 –
2014 CSM Coyle was the CSM for the 2211th Mobilization Support Battalion (MSB).
CSM Coyle was mobilized with the 2211th MSB at Scofield Barracks, HI from 2013-
2014. 2014 until April 2017, CSM Coyle was the Brigade CSM for the 2d Medical
Training Brigade (MTB). Currently CSM Coyle is the CSM for the 98th Training
His awards and decorations include: Meritorious Service Medal w/1olc, the Army
Commendation Medal w/5olc, the Army Achievement Medal w/5olc, Ranger Tab,
Pathfinder Badge, Airborne Badge, Air Assault Badge, Drill Sergeant Badge,
Expert Infantry Badge
CSM Coyle is a graduate of the Primary Leadership Course, the Basic Non
Commissioned Officer Course, the Advanced Non Commissioned Officer Course, First
Sergeant Course, the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy, Master Fitness
School, Battle Staff Course, Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education Course
and SSD VI.
He holds an MBA in project management. He lives in San Francisco and is currently
employed as a supervisor for the San Francisco Juvenile Justice center.