Camp Parks, home of the Army’s 91st Division, and part of the U.S. Army Combat Support Training Center at Fort Hunter Liggett, is located in the eastern reaches of the San Francisco Bay Area near the City of Livermore, California in Alameda County. The Parks Reserve Forces Area, historically known as Camp Parks, is located in the city of Dublin, California, 28 miles South East of Oakland.
Camp Parks services more than 250 units with more than 20,000 Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers in the greater San Francisco area.

Camp Parks’ assets include a Rappel Tower,Leadership Reaction Course, state-of-the-art Medical Skills Lab,and a Distance Learning Center equipped with24 computers, and bed space for more than 800.The facility was built during World War II, and was commissioned 19 January 1943 as Camp Parks.

Originally, it was home to the Navy Seabees then transferred to the Air Force who establishing a basic training center during the Korean War, and renamed the facility Parks Air Force Base.

In July 1959, the installation was transferred to the United States Army and In 1973, the Army determined that Camp Parks was needed as a mobilization and training center for Reserve Components in the event of war or natural disaster.

Thousands of National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers—and 94 Naval Reserve Seabees’ train for war at Camp Parks.One occupant, 1st Brigade of the 91st Division trains Army units using computer simulators.

The base supports some 11,000 San Francisco Bay Area Army Reserve and California National Guard Soldiers from 180 units.