Path to Army Reserve Aviation- Aviation Support Facility (ASF) Military Technician (Miltech)


The mission of the ASF is to provide continuous aviation operations, training, standardization, maintenance, supply, safety, Aviation life support equipment (ALSE), and administrative support to designated United States Army Reserve aviation units and individuals within the Army Reserve Aviation Command (ARAC). The mission of the ARAC is to deploy Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigades (ECABs) to a specified Area of Operations (AO) in support of a combatant commander (CCDR) in defense of the Nation and national interests at home and abroad. OPPORTUNITY FOR A SIGN ON BONUS!


  • High School Diploma (preferred)
  • 15 Series MOS

  • 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training
  • 8 - 10 weeks of Advanced Individual Training

On the job training – Unit Arrival

  • Flight Operational support
  • Logistics, refueling and rearming support
  • Sustainment support