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The 84th Training Command conducts and validates realistic Combat Support Collective Training, Leader Development, and Mission Command in a Decisive Action Training Environment to prepare Soldiers and units for future operational challenges. We develop highly-trained, disciplined, combat-ready Soldiers and units to meet the operational needs of the Army, while prioritizing the quality of life of Soldiers, Civilians and Families.

The 84th Training Command provides Total Force and multinational collective training in a Mission Command-focused setting to build and sustain trained and equipped units ready to perform in the dynamic operational environment.




Fort Knox, Kentucky is home to the 84th Training Command, which oversees the Combat Support Training Program, ensuring units from across the Army are trained and ready for deployment.

The 84th TC provides mission-appropriate training events in accordance with Forces Command and U.S. Army Reserve Command directives, to enable commanders to achieve, improve, and sustain premobilization collective readiness.

The 84th TC is the executing agent for the Army Reserve’s Combat Support Training Program.

The CSTP is comprised of Warrior Exercises and Combat Support Training Exercises, which are large-scale collective training exercises designed to immerse units into tactical training environments that closely replicate what they might experience in operational deployments.

The 84th TC dates back to Abraham Lincoln and the Black Hawk Indian War of 1832 and can also trace it's lineage to the 84th Infantry Division which landed at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, Nov. 1944.

The unit patch depicts an ax splitting a log for a rail fence, symbolizing the 84th’s lineage, hence the nickname “The Railsplitters.” The former “Lincoln Country” Division famously traces its roots back to the company in which Captain Abe Lincoln served.

The 84th Infantry Division first constituted, August 5, 1917, in the National Army as part of the World War I buildup. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the 84th ID was reactivated February 23, 1942.

In 2009, the command’s headquarters relocated to Fort Knox and in September 2010, the 84th Training Command (Leader Readiness) reorganized as the 84th Training Command (Unit Readiness).


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