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Bridge CSTX expands to gap Reserve readiness March 27, 2018 — Crawling through the dirt, communicating using hand and arm signals, and rushing three to five seconds across a field is but a few of the basic skill level one tasks that U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers were executing at the Army Reserve’s Bridge Combat Support Training Exercise 78-18-03, Mar. 1 - 29, 2018. MORE

Chicago native finds her hope in service March 16, 2018 — U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Maribel Cano-Meraz is a first-generation born U.S. citizen, of Mexican descent, who grew up in Chicago in the communities of Hermosa and Humboldt Park. MORE

Army Reserve Soldier recognizes civilian employer with DoD Patriot Award March 7, 2018 — Army Reserve Soldiers regularly face the reality and challenge of being a Citizen-Soldier, and balancing their civilian employment with the duties of their Army Reserve commitments. MORE

Army Reserve leader speaks on celebrating our veterans November 14, 2017 — The auditorium filled with silence as the audience stood up from their seats at Buffalo Grove High School on Nov. 11, 2017. The first notes of the national anthem played as hundreds watched the nation’s colors marched into the room during a Veteran’s Day ceremony. MORE

Active duty command teams learn reserve component processes October 27, 2017 — Army Total Force Policy continues to develop between the Army’s active and reserve component forces working, and training together to execute their missions in a uniformed and seamless manner. MORE

Training the trainers on suicide prevention October 27, 2017 — Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training or ASIST, developed in 1983, is known as suicide first aid. The ASIST model teaches effective intervention skills for someone who may be contemplating suicide. MORE

Army Reserve Chicago-based command receives new leadership October 25, 2017 — Army Reserve Brig. Gen. Kris A. Belanger, Commanding General, 85th Support Command, assumed command of the 85th SPT CMD, October 21, 2017, in an Assumption of Command ceremony at the headquarters. MORE

CSTX moves Soldiers out of FOBs and back to basic Soldier skills August 25, 2017 — Thousands of Army Reserve Soldiers joined service members from each U.S. branch of service, and military service personnel from foreign partner nations to train during the Army Reserve’s Combat Support Training Exercise 86-17-02 from August 5 – 25, 2017. MORE

First Army helps build a more mobile force of ready reserve July 26, 2017 — First Army observer coach/trainers partnered with reserve-component OC/Ts to train approximately 5,000 Army Reserve and National Guard forces here this month. MORE

Liquid logisticians rule at QLLEX 2017 July 21, 2017 — Chinese strategist, Sun Tzu, wrote in his book “The Art of War,” “The line between disorder and order lies in logistics.” MORE

Army Reserve command celebrates a century of history July 13, 2017 — The doughboys marched off of the parade field, with the colors held high, and all in attendance watched until the Soldiers disappeared from sight. The 85th Support Command color guard team, wearing World War I-era uniforms, were one of several components for the 85th Support Command’s centennial celebration reflecting on the unit’s 100-year history. MORE

Army Reserve unit holds relinquishment of command ceremony July 13, 2017 — The air echoed as cannons fired, smoke and sulfur filled the sky, and the outgoing commanding general spoke his final words to his Soldiers. MORE

Army Reserve commander bids farewell during unit’s centennial July 12, 2017 — Soldiers stood statuesque across the parade field as formations of flags flapped in the wind during the 85th Support Command’s Relinquishment of Command ceremony July 9, 2017. MORE

Army Reserve general meets with Gold Star Families in Memorial Day ceremonies June 5, 2017 — The songs of the Armed Forces filled the air, as the sound of feet hitting the ground in unison echoed through the streets. Onlookers filled the sidewalks cheering and thanking service members for their service; also there, quietly weeping with both sorrow and joy, were the Gold Star Families remembering their loved ones that they lost, and also in awe of the support they received. MORE

'A little friendly competition never hurts' June 2, 2017 — "The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give," said Howard Cosell, an American sports journalist. It’s been said that a little friendly competition never hurt anyone and Soldiers, families and civilians at the U.S. Army Reserve Command headquarters weren't afraid to give their best and bare their competitive nature during an urban orienteering competition, June 2, 2017. MORE

Army Reserve command teams meet to enhance readiness efforts June 1, 2017 — Conversations came to a quick silence as Col. Robert Cooley, deputy commander of the Army Reserve’s 85th Support Command, walked to the front of the drill hall filled with Army Reserve battalion command teams and brigade staff members under operational control of First Army. MORE

Headquarters staff hits marksmanship with high qualification rate April 6, 2017 — The air smelled of carbon as Soldiers, assigned to the 85th Support Command headquarters, fired rounds at their targets down range. One-by-one rounds from each muzzle blazed a path, in many cases finding center mass of their goal. MORE

Army Reserve Soldiers mobilize to train and equip a ready force April 4, 2017 — Military family separations for duty are never easy. Whether it is your first or last, the other side of the world or just the other side of the United States, it is a challenge leaving behind loved ones, but a necessary sacrifice to ensure the readiness of our force in defense of the nation. MORE

First-ever Operation Cold Steel heats up Army Reserve readiness March 29, 2017 — Deep in the late-winter woods, metallic clacking and repetitive booms rolled like thunder – first far, then near – in the cool, crisp air. MORE

Leaders Leading from the Front February 2, 2017 — First Army’s 5th Armored Brigade hosted the annual Division West Best Warrior Competition this year at Fort Bliss, Texas, Jan. 20, 2017. MORE

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