U.S. Army Reserve


Army Reserve's 108th Anniversary

By | April 21, 2016

This year we celebrate the 108th anniversary of the Army Reserve.

From the earliest days of our nation, local citizens in communities across America have voluntarily mobilized alongside active duty counterparts to project a land-power force capable of winning on the battlefield.

Today, more than 200,000 Soldiers, Civilians and Family members of the U.S. Army Reserve continue this proud tradition. In a complex and dynamic global security environment with enemies that threaten vital U.S. strategic interests around the world, the Army Reserve remains a steadfast partner, committed to the defense and security of the nation.

We are privileged and grateful to serve with you, the consummate professionals who continue to ensure our nation's Army Reserve is ready as part of the Total Army and Joint Force. On this 108th anniversary of the Army Reserve, we thank you, the Soldiers, Civilians and Family members, for your dedication and service.

Happy Birthday, and Twice the Citizen!