U.S. Army Reserve


Training Commands are responsible for routine training of Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard Soldiers through live, virtual and constructive means.  Training Commands include:  Reserve Support Commands, Mission Training Commands, Training Commands, and the ARRTC

108th Training Command (Initial Entry Training) 

1330 Westover Street Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

General Inquiries: (704) 227-2820  Media Inquiries: 704-227-2820 ext. 4087

75th Training Command 

10949 Aerospace Ave. Houston, Texas 77034

General Inquiries: 832-380-7000  Media Inquiries: 832-380-7072

80th Training Command (TASS) 

6700 Strathmore Road Richmond, Virginia 23237

General Inquiries: 804-271-5800  Media Inquiries: 804-377-6330

84th Training Command 

230 Old Ironsides Ave, Building 203 Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

General Inquiries: 502-624-7679 or 1134  Media Inquiries: 502-624-4411