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310th ESC Soldiers,

It is a privilege and an honor to serve as the interim CSM and senior enlisted advisor for the 310th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) and our Sustainer Soldiers.  I have been traveling across our Command and each time I stop to visit one of our units, I am impressed by our Soldiers and the motivation and Army Values they display.  I deeply appreciate our Soldiers and their commitment to service to our great Nation, and look forward to meeting the challenges and celebrating the successes of the coming year.

Having just returned from the 2017 310th ESC Best Warrior Competition at Fort A.P. Hill, Va.,  I look forward to sharing this event through social media, video, and pictures to the command.  This year we hosted the B C0 2/317th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 104th Training Division drill instructors who have partnered with us and conducted our competition.  These Soldiers brought an absolute level playing field and constructively added to the challenging environment of our BWC.  The level of competition and challenge that our collaboration brought to the BWC this year set new standards for the 310th ESC.

In my travels I have noticed several BNs motivated to win the competition and I cannot say enough about what the BWC brings to Soldier motivation for units who sent competitors!

Next, I would like to focus on communication. Noncommissioned Officers today need to understand that the Army deals in 4’s.  I call, text, email, and mentor my four CSM’s each week.  My CSM’s call, text, email, and mentor their three to five Frist Sergeants each week.  First Sergeants do the same for their Platoon SGTs.  The communication chain continues with squad leaders and Soldiers.

Each NCO must know their Soldiers MRC, DRC, APFT pass/fail, HT/WT pass/fail, weapons qualification, their evaluation or counseling, and know their job in the most realistic way possible, just to begin with.  These are NCO basic leadership responsibilities at the from the junior NCO level and up.  Leaders should be the constant mentor. Mentoring Soldiers to live Army standards and enforce those standards for their fellow Soldiers. The first priority of our Army Reserve is to provide a competent and ready force for our Nation. Resiliency is key for Soldiers, and you, the NCO are the force that promotes and strengthens the Resiliency and Readiness of our Soldiers. Be sure to make yourself and your Soldiers the most professional and ready Soldiers they can be. 

Every NCO must also understand that they need to “walk the walk.” NCO’s must set high, but achievable standards for their Soldiers, with clear expectations and guidance, but must also hold themselves and their piers accountable. As well as ensuring they and their Soldiers are up to speed with MEDPROS, education, and performance counseling, you must be aware that the most effective NCO’s have a plan to get back to basic Warrior Tasks and Drills in their formations. This is where the Best Warrior Competition ties in to unit Readiness. Use the knowledge and motivated leadership learned and empowered with the Best Warrior competitors to drive your unit Readiness at the Soldier and NCO level.

Again, I am honored to take part in this chapter in the history of the 310th ESC, and am confident that our Soldiers and NCO’s will meet every challenge that we will encounter this coming year beyond expectations.

Victory Through Support!

CSM Scott A. Hinton

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