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NEWS | July 19, 2018

Fort McCoy Draw Yard Assists Training Units

By Zachary Mott

The 88th Readiness Division-operated Fort McCoy Draw Yard provides vehicles and equipment to Soldiers conducting training at Fort McCoy. As the summer exercise season continues, the Draw Yard is busy supporting a variety of exercises around the installation.

“It’s a convenient location for us to get equipment that we need and not having to travel anywhere or have something moved in from somewhere else,” said Sgt. 1st Class Chris Murray, an information technology noncommissioned officer with the 86th Training Division.

The Draw Yard is able to provide a variety of wheeled and tracked vehicles as well as generators and other mission-critical equipment for units conducting training at Fort McCoy. This on-hand equipment is issued in an efficient process that allows the training units to focus more on training than on ensuring equipment is packed, shipped, unloaded and ready for training.

“We’re able to get to the mission quicker and, typically, you would contact other units and see if you can borrow it from them,” Murray said. “With units deploying and other things, they’re not always able to support you. But here at the Draw Yard, they’ve never not been able to support us.”

As the Army Reserve continues to focus on readiness, the Fort McCoy Draw Yard continues to be an integral part of that drive. The vehicles and equipment provided there is in high demand throughout the year.

“These guys are great here and they always do their best to try and accommodate us even when it’s a little bit tough because of the demands on the equipment. But they always try and do what they can for us,” Murray said.