"Generating Readiness Through Partnerships"

About the Private Public Partnership 
To support the Army’s campaign plan and the priorities of the Army Reserve by establishing public and private partnerships.
Mission Statement:
The Private Public Partnership Office builds and enhances mutually beneficial partnerships between the civilian and military communities. This is accomplished by developing a mutually supportive environment for Soldiers, Veterans, and Family members striving to create and enhance career and training opportunities.
Directly contact the Private Public Partnership Office, located at Fort Belvoir, Va., click here.
 P3 Working For You:
Private and public sector partners benefit by getting access to the best, brightest and most highly-trained USAR units and Soldiers. 
Philanthropic organizations or companies with philanthropic foundations have the opportunity to provide resources to respond to national emergencies and support peace and stability operations around the world in support of major military commands and their work with civilian populations.
Soldiers benefit by gaining access to unique training opportunities that help them in their military and civilian careers and help advance their leader readiness and individual readiness. Soldiers will also have increased opportunities to serve in real world missions working with local populations and integrating into larger, joint and inter-agency teams.



The goal of the Private Public Partnership is to establish mutually beneficial relationships between the U.S. Army Reserve and private and public sector organizations to create opportunities for...
- Soldiers to increase their readiness on the unit, leader, and individual levels; thereby enhancing their value to their families and communities and their readiness to protect and serve the American public.
- The Army Reserve and the civilian world to mutually contribute to national emergency response and peace and stability operations around the world.
- Army Reserve Soldiers to train in real world, life supporting and life sustaining missions. 
How it works: Through projects with private sector partners, Army Reserve units and Soldiers gain access to unique training opportunities and the ability to apply their expertise and leadership skills to real world projects that correlate with their military experience.
Lines of Effort: The Army Reserve leverages private and public partner relationships to strengthen military readiness on three levels: unit, leader, and individual.

Unit Readiness: Identifies private/public projects around the globe where Army Reserve Soldiers can provide their technical expertise, physical capabilities, and leadership skills, coupled with private or public resources, to make an impact on local communities, while simultaneously fulfilling Army Reserve training requirements.

Leader Readiness: Utilizes partners to provide opportunities for Soldiers to create, augment, or extend their professional network capabilities as well as identify new educational opportunities to support their civilian and Army Reserve careers.

Individual Readiness: Utilizes partners to advance individual physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and family readiness to Army Reserve Soldiers, Civilians and Families.
Global problems cannot be solved by the government alone. They have to be solved by private and public sectors working together.
The U.S. Army Reserve is in a unique position to understand and bring private and public sector resources to the military.  As Citizen-Soldiers, most of our Army Reserve Soldiers are already working in private and public entities and know how to balance civilian and military life.
Private public partnerships benefit Soldiers through enhanced training opportunities and connections to private sector employers. Communities around the globe benefit from the assistance they receive. Private organizations and companies benefit from reducing the costs of their projects while witnessing first-hand the value our Soldiers can bring to their workforce.
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