TOPIC: “Prevent, Shape, Win” – The Army Reserve’s Rally Point 32 (RLY32)
1. What is it?
Rally Point 32 (RLY32) defines LTG Jeffrey W. Talley’s, Chief, Army Reserve and Commanding General,
U.S. Army Reserve Command, guidance and strategic direction on Army Reserve affairs.
The CAR’s intent is to sustain a high-quality, all-volunteer, operational Army Reserve for Army and Joint Force missions at home and abroad. Our Soldiers, leaders, and units will couple vital military capabilities with civilian acquired skills to provide strategic depth across the full range of military operations. RLY32 is built upon the CSA’s Marching Orders, Vision 20/20, and the Army Reserve Campaign Plan, and describes how the Army’s premier reserve force supports the Total Force in support of the full range of planned and contingency operations.
2. What has the Army Reserve done?
Over the past ten years of war, the Army Reserve has been engaged globally in support of our Army and in service to the Nation, demonstrating we are America’s enduring reserve force of decisive action. In order to ensure we can maintain our unique capabilities and capacity, it is appropriate to “rally” as we move forward as an Operational Army Reserve to Objective (OBJ) Army 2020 and Joint Force2020.
3. Why is this important to the Army?
The future will require an Army Reserve that can enable our Army to Prevent, Shape, and Win across a full range of missions. Maintaining an Army Reserve with operational flexibility and strategic depth will be essential. Reduced resourcing is to be expected and this will require continued effectiveness with gained business efficiencies, something Citizen-Soldiers are well-equipped to do using their civilian-acquired skills and experiences. The key to success will be maintaining the right force mix in our Total Army and keeping balance in our personal and professional lives as we serve together.
4. “The leader considers the use and location of rally points. A rally point is a place designated by the leader where the unit moves to reassemble and reorganize...Soldiers must know which rally point to move to at each phase of the mission should they become separated from the unit. They must also know what actions are required there…” (U.S. Army Ranger Handbook)