Military Reserve Exchange Program
Reserve Officer Foreign Exchange Program / Military Reserve Exchange Program
What - The primary purpose of the Department of Defense Reserve Officers Foreign Exchange Program is to provide National Guard and Reserve officers training associated with mobilization duties while enhancing their ability to work and communicate with the military individuals of the host nation.  This program provides the opportunity for Reserve officers to complete annual training pertinent to their mobilization assignment while they gain an understanding of the training, doctrine and operations of a major alliance partner.  DoD Directive 1215.15 provides authority for the program.
Who – Junior Enlisted, NCO’s, Warrant Officers and Junior Officers (E4 to E7, WO1 to CW3, and O1 to O3)
When – Varies based on Country
Where – Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom
6 Warrant Officers or Officers to Germany (FY14 will include Enlisted)
8 Soldiers (Enlisted and Officers) to United Kingdom
6 Soldiers (Enlisted, Warrant Officers, and Officers) to Denmark
How to apply – Watch for the FY15 OPORD to be released in September, 2014 and posted on MilSuites.
More Information - OSDRA MREP Website 
Young Reserve Officer Workshop 
Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers

What - Annually, about 60 young Reserve Officers attend this week-long workshop, concentrating on current defense and security issues that relate to reserve force issues within NATO and its partners.  It is designed to be a first international exposure for young officers to colleagues from the Alliance and its Partners.  YROW is an enriching experience for these young officers, who are the future of the Alliance, providing them an opportunity to establish professional relationships that often last throughout their careers, and offering a strong foundation on which to build their NATO experience.
Who – 2-3 Junior Officers in the rank of Captain or below

When - Usually late July - August
FY14: 4 Aug - 8 Aug 2014
Where – Rotates through NATO Countries 
FY14 Fulda, Germany
How to apply – Watch for the FY15 OPORD to be released in September, 2014 and posted on MilSuites.
More Information: YROW Website