TOPIC:  Officer Evaluation Report Policy Revisions
What is it?
The Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army recently approved changes to better align the existing officer evaluation system with current Army leadership doctrine. The modifications include the incorporation of a rater profile and a transition to forms based on “grade plates,” as well as refined senior rater techniques, identification of operational and broadening assignments and regulatory guidance to discourage “pooling”. These enhancements allow for increased rater accountability and provide tools to more descriptively evaluate company grade, field grade and strategic leaders.
What has the Army Reserve done?
The Army Reserve is working with Human Resources Command (HRC) as they build and test the new evaluation system. Personnel teams from HRC will schedule an overview of the new system through face-to-face discussions with officers and S-1 personnel at Army installations in the near future. HRC will train Army Reserve briefing teams beginning in March 2013 with certification of teams and training packages to be completed in May. The current training concept involves HRC providing training to Regional Support Commands, who will train all units within their region. However, there is a possibility that HRC could train all OFTS commands, who would train all organic subordinate units. Final implementation, currently scheduled for December 2013, will not begin until the new form design is complete, new regulatory requirements are published, and a training program is deployed in order to ensure a seamless transition between the current 67-9 and the enhanced 67-10 evaluation system.
What continued efforts does the Army Reserve have planned for the future?
The Army Reserve will ensure that all Army Reserve Units are trained and prepared to implement the new OER evaluation system.
Why is this important to the Army?
These changes will facilitate more accurate assessment of the performance and potential of Army Reserve officers and create a more transparent process for officer assignment and selection. The clarification of top performance indicators will also ensure officers are appropriately developed, mentored, recognized and advanced.
Contact Information:
Army Reserve:  Mr. Robert Feliu, 910-570-8147 or e-mail
HRC:  1-888-ARMYHRC (276-9492) or e-mail
The information will be available on the HRC website at the beginning of 2013: