What is CSF?

The program, based on 30-plus years of scientific study and results, uses individual assessments, tailored virtual training, classroom training and embedded resilience experts to provide the critical skills our Soldiers, Family members and Army Civilians need.

Why is it important?

CSF marks a new era for the Army by comprehensively equipping and training our Soldiers, Family members and Army Civilians to maximize their potential and face the physical and psychological challenges of sustained operations. We are committed to a true prevention model, aimed at the entire force, which will enhance resilience and coping skills enabling them to grow and thrive in today's Army.

Improved Performance and Readiness

Improved Soldier performance and readiness. Build confidence to lead, courage to stand up for one's beliefs and compassion to help others. Comprehensive Soldier Fitness is about maximizing one's potential.

CSF is NOT...

  • Not a single course, event, or requirement.

  • There is no stand-down or chain-teach!

  • Not a "screen" for any physical or psychological disease or dysfunction, including suicide.

  • Not something we "do" after a Soldier has a negative psychological, physical, social, or professional outcome.