Civilian Personnel Furlough Information

The following information provides some general guidance and answers to common questions regarding the pending civilian furlough. The US Army Reserve Command has not received definitive HQDA guidance to formalize our furlough implementation plans. Additional information will be forth coming as plans and policies are developed. If a furlough is implemented it will not occur until the later part of April. Civilian personnel are encouraged to review their personal plans accordingly.

HOT***CXO Video on Potential Civilian Furloughs and Sequestration***

HOT***A Double Eagle Special Edition:  This special edition is designed to give Army Reserve Soldiers and civilians resources they can use
to understand how Sequestration will affect them.***

Review Current Furlough Information

o Furlough Guidance by OPM

o Message to DOD from Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta

o CAR Memorandum Potential Civilian Administrative Furlough Due To Sequestration

o Special Feature on of all DoD Potential Sequestration and Furlough Information

o Supplemental OPM Guidance FAQs

o DCPAS Publication on FAQs

o HQDA Publication on FAQs

Analysis Tools

o Furlough Calculator - Download Excel File to Your PC

o OPM handbook - "Guidance for Administrative-Furloughs"

Managing Personal Finances

o Thrift Savings Program

o Defense Civilian Personnel Data System My Biz (CAC required)

Fort Family (Live Support 24/7)

o Military One Source (MILTECHS only)