Army Reserve "Capture Your Hooah!" Video Competition

The Army Reserve (AR) is hosting a video competition titled “Capture Your Hooah” for Army Reserve Soldiers, units and DA Civilians supporting the Army Reserve.

This is an opportunity for you to create an Army Reserve promotional video by telling your Army Reserve story. Show us what you appreciate most about the Army Reserve. What would you tell someone interested in joining the AR? How are you are Twice the Citizen? How does your service in the Army Reserve compare to your time on Active Duty? How has the Army Reserve helped you and your family? How is the Army Reserve important to the nation? How has the Army Reserve helped your civilian career?
Army Reserve Soldiers and DA Civilians supporting the AR may submit a video on any topic they feel promotes the Army Reserve. The ideas listed below are suggestions but submissions are not restricted to these topics. Creativity and innovation are encouraged:
1) What is your Army Reserve?
2) How does the AR make you “Twice the Citizen”?
3) If you are prior service, how does your service in the Army Reserve compare to the Active Component?
4) Has the Army Reserve benefited you or your family?
5) How has the Army Reserve helped your community?
6) Has the Army Reserve made you a better citizen?
7) Has the Army Reserve benefited or enhanced your civilian career?
8) Has your unit supported a humanitarian aid mission?
9) Did the Army Reserve Employer Partnership Office help you find a civilian career?
a. Contest is open to Army Reserve Soldiers, units and DA Civilians.
b. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.
c. Members of the Army Reserve Communication Division (ARC) and their family members may submit a video but are not eligible to compete.

a. Final prize / award list may change at the Sponsor’s discretion at any time during the contest period based on funding changes or policy restrictions.
b. One (1) Grand Prize. The contest winner will receive one or more of the following:
1) $75 gift card.
2) Three-star and CSM certificate of achievement and special recognition.
3) Story in the Warrior Citizen magazine and recognition in the Double Eagle magazine.
4) Distribution of the video on Army Reserve social and web channels.
5) News release on DVIDS.
6) Video submission to AFN, Pentagon Channel and depending on quality and resolution.
c. Top Ten (10) Finalists.
1) One-star note.
2) Online recognition.
3) Mentioned in the Warrior Citizen Magazine.
For additional information click here: Official Rules and Video Information Brief***
                     Promo "Sample Video" Submission 
The Army Reserve "Capture Your Hooah" Logo is available for download by clicking image below.