Individual Medical Readiness

Managing Individual Medical Readiness is every Soldier’s Duty.  The minimum Individual Medical Readiness Requirements must be met for a Soldier to be considered deployable and retainable.

What Needs to Be Done
The three “must do” medical readiness services:

  1. Annual DoD PHA
  2. Annual Dental Exam
  3. Dental Class 3 Treatment for Deployability

How to Do It
LHI.Care online, 877-437-6313 (LHI), or through unit scheduled Medical Dental Readiness Events.

LHI.Care Portal

  • Check for Upcoming Appointments
  • Request Services (PHA/Dental Exam)
  • Request Records Updates

LHI portal image

Dental Readiness

Dental health is a leading factor in unit readiness. A Dental Class 3 (DRC3) Soldier has a 75 percent chance of a dental emergency within 12 months.

Getting your exam at no cost

Troop Program Unit (TPU) Soldiers can now use to register, request services, view, reschedule appointments and more from their mobile device.

TPU SMs can get an exam and X-rays at an active duty dental clinic. Be sure to have a DD 2813 completed and submit it to

If treatment is needed, contact LHI for an appointment and treatment at no cost.

Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) Soldiers (outside military health system area) may call 1-888-984-2337 to make an appointment free of charge. Soldiers must then have their dentist complete a DD 2813 and submitted using the CDA help desk (email

Getting DRC3 treatment at no cost

Soldiers can call 1-877-437-6313 for LHI to assist them in making an appointment free of charge. LHI will verify treatment needs and schedule the right appointment for you!

TPU SMs can also contact an Active Duty (AD) Dental Clinic. If appointments are available, treatment may be completed in the AD clinic.

Getting complete dental treatment

Service members and family not on active orders can enroll in the TRICARE DENTAL PROGRAM AT Cost to the Soldier is only $11 per month.

Receiving credit for completing dental exam or final dental treatment

Log in to and select "Request Records Update" button on the homepage. A scanned image or a photo of exam/treatment record can be uploaded to update your profile and receive credit. When submitting a DA 1380 for pay, Soldiers will annotate Code 61 pay status for in-office dental readiness appointments.

No need to use ASDRS (LHI) Group Events at battle assemblies. Although this capability remains available, the emphasis is on providing "in-office" appointments to ensure the best quality of service, optimal patient care experience, a pathway for follow-up care if needed, while conserving training time.