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Video by Sgt. 1st Class Jerimiah Richardson
AR/60 Episode 26
U.S. Army Reserve Command
Jan. 26, 2021 | 1:08
In this episode of AR/60:

The COVID- 19 vaccine is starting to arrive at Military Treatment Facilities. Right now, it is voluntary.

First priority are USAR medical personnel on active duty supporting COVID-19 response operations, such as Urban Augmentation Medical Task Forces (UAMTFs). Final priority is to other USAR units determined by the availability of vaccines and prevalent COVID risk factors.

Please note that the vaccine is a two dose series. It is very important that you receive the vaccine from the same manufacturer for both doses and at the specified time, which will vary between manufacturers.

All TPU Soldiers can receive the vaccine at any local Military Treatment Facility. The Army Reserve is working to partner with over 100 U.S. wide vaccinations facilities to make the vaccine as available as possible.

Soldiers and Army Civilians will still need to wear masks even after receiving the vaccine until pandemic risk of COVID-19 is substantially reduced.

Even if you have already had COVID-19, it’s still recommended to receive the vaccine because the duration of immunity is unknown.

The vaccines use inactivated virus, parts of the virus or a gene from the virus. None of these can cause COVID-19.

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