Tag: Womens History Month

NAVSUP WSS Hosts Women’s History Month Leadership Panel
April 12, 2021

Women's History Meets Month of Military Child - Col. Belinda J. Coakley
March 30, 2021
As March, and Women’s month comes to a close, we approach April, and Month of the Military Child. The 3d Medical Command (Deployment Support), spotlights 3d MC(DS) Forward, deployed mother, Col. Belinda J. Coakley.

Women’s History Month Spotlight – 65C, 2nd Lt. Kaitlyn Isabella Randall
March 10, 2021
The Army Reserve has allowed 2nd Lt. Kaitlyn Randall to serve her country, apply her civilian and military training, have a career, all while also experiencing living life, saying, “My husband and I both enjoy traveling, good food, and everything fitness-related!”

Interview with Lt. Col. Dana Lonis
March 29, 2020
Lt. Col. Dana Lonis was interviewed by Sgt. Lacey Rogerson for Women's History Month at United States Military Hospital-Kuwait.