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NEWS | Aug. 31, 2016

Auditor of the Year for Army Reserve

By Lt. Col. Angela Wallace Office of the Chief, Army Reserve

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. -- The Internal Review Office is a professional source of objective, reliable, and timely information that assists commanders in making informed decisions, resolving issues, and effectively using resources.  

Ms. Susan Lione, auditor with the U.S. Army Reserve Medical Command’s IR office, gives her organization another reason to celebrate the Army’s IR program.  Lione, who joined the IR team last year after serving as the Director of Audits and Inspections for the Transportation Security Administration, received the title of U.S. Army Reserve Command IR Auditor of the Year from May 2015 to March 2016 during a training symposium held in Orlando, Florida on Aug.9.

For Lione, who has been part of the auditing community for over 30 years, the program is about more than data. “I like the breadth of what you get to do.  You get to see every aspect of an organization, and you get to know things about the organization that most people don’t.  I love making organizations more efficient and effective and that ties into auditing,” said Lione.

To be selected as Auditor of the Year, Lione competed in a category of more than 100 auditors across the Army Reserve, and her enthusiasm for her work is constant as she discusses some new additions and upcoming changes.

“Col. [Hope] Favreau is new to our section and she’s a management analyst for the Veteran’s Administration Office of Inspector General, so she’s bringing some great experiences from an IG perspective which I think is important and valuable for disciplined procedures that can be incorporated here.  There’s also some new audits that I’ve never done before so I’m looking forward to learning more about the organization through that,” she said.

Favreau is equally excited about the skills that Lione brings to the command.  “We are thrilled for Ms. Lione to have been selected as the USARC Auditor of the Year…  The auditing experience and skills she brings to the command are enhancing our ability to review our programs and identify the status of our internal controls.”

Lione shared that the variance in her work is what keeps her motivated, but that sometimes auditor contributions can be misunderstood.  

“I think people can get so involved in what they’re doing that they forget some of the details sometimes, and in our line of work, details are very important,” said Lione.  “This work isn’t a ‘gotcha’.  It’s all about making the organization better at the end of the day.”