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NEWS | Aug. 22, 2016

63rd RSC hosts regional base operations workshop

By Alun Thomas 63rd Regional Support Command

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif -- The 63rd Regional Support Command hosted a Base Operations Workshop, Aug 16-18, aimed at improving the performance and knowledge of center managers and coordinators throughout the command’s 7-state-region in its South West area of responsibility, which serves as home to nearly 150 Army Reserve facilities.

The purpose of the workshop was also to educate and train 63rd RSC personnel on BASOPS related procedures, requirements, duties and responsibilities to enhance Army readiness.

The center commanders and facility coordinators were briefed by various 63rd RSC directorates about the services the headquarters provide to their subordinate units throughout the region.

Being here to receive the training is extremely important, said Dan Bautista, acting chief of staff, 63rd RSC, because it leads to better practices in the workplace.

“You are our eyes and ears out in the field and we rely on you to get the job done,” said Bautista. “Throughout this workshop you’ll have access to the experts to get accurate information to make you more successful.”

One of the key speakers was Col. Stewart Fearon, chief, directorate of public works, 63rd RSC, who said in order for his section to be successful, communication is key with facilities in the region.

“If you don’t tell us something’s broken, then we can’t fix it,” said Fearon. “I know for many this is an additional duty and I appreciate your hard work. It’s the facility managers who take care of the building, and if you need help and can’t get other units in your center to support you, then send me an email and we will fix the problem.”

Fearon then asked those in attendance to take notes on their duty description, so the person who follows them knows exactly what their job entails.

“Tell them where the breaker box is, how to shut off the water, knows when they’re going to be inspected and who the AFOS (Area Facility Operations Specialist) is,” he said. “Try to give them the heads up and the advantage you didn’t have. That way we get better as we go along.”

Fearon urged everyone to ask questions, take notes and get the most out of the workshop possible.

“Together we can keep your records up and make sure you’re not worrying about the center air conditioning, the water or the plumbing,” he explained. “We’ll try and make it so the Soldiers in your center can train and not be miserable and focus on training itself.”

“What you do is hard work and you should be recognized for it,” Fearon said.