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NEWS | Aug. 11, 2016

Chief, US Army Reserves Visits Fort Hunter Liggett

By Amy Phillips Fort Hunter Liggett Public Affairs Office

FORT HUNTER LIGGETT, Calif. – Lt. Gen. Charles Luckey, the chief of Army Reserve and Commanding General United States Army Reserve Command visited Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) from August 5 -7, 2016 as part of his national tour since assuming his position on June 30, 2016.

Luckey and his special staff received an aerial tour of FHL’s 165,000 acres, and the Garrison capabilities and history briefs. He also addressed the 560 engineers from the 315th Engineer Battalion and 120 Military Police training at FHL.

He spoke to the Garrison leadership and Soldiers about getting back to common core training tasks that connect to a full kinetic threat, not just training tasks tied to operations in Iraq/Afghanistan such as dealing with improvised explosive devices and vehicle rollovers.

Luckey emphasized that the Army Reserve must train for full spectrum and/or major combats operations, and must know how to operate in a digitally degraded environment. An example of a digitally degraded environment would be operating effectively without a network or GPS tracking devices. Russia sees the US’s dependence on digital information as our greatest weakness. 

“I have in my pack right now, a Lensatic Compass because when the GPS goes down and I still need to know where to go,” said Luckey.

Luckey supports Joint Force training at FHL and is interested in exploring increased partnerships and training with the National Guard at Camp Roberts, Calif. to take advantage of our complimentary capabilities. Camp Roberts has a rail head, impact area, and large staging area while FHL has large training spaces and maneuver areas and other unique capabilities. The two installations are connected by a 17-mile tank trail.

“Together, we offer a dynamic readiness platform for the total force,” said Col. Jan Norris, FHL Commander.

Luckey also supports the Schoonover airfield taxiway/apron expansion to increase strategic lift capacity for the installation, and the re-opening the ranges at Parks Reserves Forces Training Area, the Garrison’s sub-installation.

FHL is the largest Army Reserve installation in the nation and the seventh largest Army installation. FHL celebrated its 75th anniversary this year with three events focusing on the pre-Army, Willian R. Hearst legacy and Army eras. The culminating event is an open house on Aug. 17, 2016.