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NEWS | Aug. 2, 2016

Lieutenant General Luckey visits TTC-Fort Dix

By Master Sgt. Benari Poulten 80th Training Command

Every year, hundreds of soldiers from across the nation graduate from Tactical Training Center-Fort Dix N.J. with a second Military Occupational Specialty in the engineering field, or with professional development knowledge from the Intermediate Level Education course. 

Lieutenant General Charles D. Luckey, the new commanding general of the United States Army Reserve Command, recently toured the facility with Master Sgt. Christopher Fabian, the Carpentry and Masonry Course manager. Fabiain explained how TTC Dix provides soldiers with the skills they need to increase the Army’s overall readiness at home and abroad.

Luckey then addressed a packed classroom of senior captains and majors enrolled in the ILE course. He spoke briefly about his philosophy on maintaining a strong fighting reserve force. He said the strength of an organization is its people, and that figuring out how to accomplish any given mission with available resources is one of a Reserve Soldier’s main functions.

“Leadership is key, leadership is the secret sauce,” he told the class. “It's the silver bullet. It's about being able to provide for America's army with the stuff you got.”    

During a separate discussion, Sgt. 1st Class Harold E. Stewart, Jr., a Carpentry and Masonry Course instructor, said, leadership is the key to long-term success at TTC Dix.  He said, instructors are there to teach skills, pass on valuable experience and impart a love of the craft to soldiers. 

“We try to pass on enthusiasm,” Stewart said. “If we give them a great experience from the beginning, they grow to love it.”  

The training center provides Soldiers with a unique and realistic experience, according to Stewart. They learn the specifics of their particular field, like basic plumbing, pouring cement and electrical wiring. 

The 102nd Training Division, which is subordinate to the 80th Training Command, manages TTC-Dix. The 80th TC trains Soldiers in 12 military career fields as part of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command’s Army School System. Luckey said, the solid institutional foundation of The Army School System can be utilized to boost the overall efforts of America’s military and its strategic partners around the globe. He said, it’s an opportunity to investigate training and theater security cooperation opportunities more thoroughly.

 “Our core partners...may benefit greatly from having some of [the 80th TC’s] expertise,” he said.