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NEWS | July 25, 2016

Army Reserve Sustainment Command Soldiers provide support during Epic Guardian 2016

By Staff Sgt. Sheila Holifield Army Reserve Sustainment Command

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – The Army Reserve Sustainment Command (ARSC) of Birmingham, Ala., prides itself on providing trained and ready Soldiers that are cross-trained and functionally deployable in support of full spectrum, joint, interagency and multinational operations around the world. The Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) Support Brigade (LSB), recently supported Epic Guardian 2016. The LOGCAP LSB, an element of the ARSC, consists of five battalions of Soldiers with vast experience in the logistics field.

United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM) conducts Epic Guardian annually to promote cooperation, understanding and interoperability between African partner nations and the United States. During Epic Guardian, two LOGCAP Support Officers (LSO) from the ARSC’s LSB provided necessary experience and functionality to support the annual training, said Lt. Col. Richard Massengale, deputy commander for the ARSC’s LSB

“The role of an LSO is unique to the Army Reserve,” said Massengale.

Cpt. Danyiel Evans and 1st Lt. Royal Banks, both LSOs with 3rd Battalion, LOGCAP Support Brigade were a two-man team which deployed to Accra, Ghana to support Epic Guardian.

“The LSO’s mission was to provide onsite, LOGCAP support for the customer. Specifically, to activate, sustain and deactivate the cooperative security location (CSL) near Ghana’s capital of Accra,” said Massengale.

Evans, who has served in the military for more than 20 years, was an enlisted Soldier before becoming a chemical officer and recently an LSO with the ARSC’s LSB.

“I come to the table with a different perspective after having deployed as a Soldier, government contractor, and Department of the Army Civilian,” said Evans. “When it comes to logistical planning and contracts, I see the holes and hear when something doesn’t sound right.”

During Epic Guardian, we set up a CSL near Ghana. This was the first time using this location so it called for more planning than normal, added Evans.

“As an LSO, we are the representative on the ground to ensure that services are being utilized in the proper manner via the customer and the contractor,” said Evans.

1st Lt. Banks, the other half of the two man team, used this mission to gain experience. Banks is not only new to the military, but also new to the role as an LSO.

“As an LSO, it is imperative to understand the contracting side and also how services are used by Soldiers and customers on the ground,” said Banks. “This was a great opportunity to see all angles throughout the entire mission.”

During the month-long mission, Evans and Banks were able to provide the customer with more than 20 services ranging from a Transportation Motor Pool to base life support, such as showers and latrines.

“We were on the ground throughout the entire process of activating services, sustainment of services, and deactivation of services,” said Evans. “Our role as LSOs was vital to the mission because we knew the ins and outs of the services and were able to aid in any changes.”

The experience and functionality of an LSO is crucial to any logistics and contracting mission, said Evans.

“As an LSO, we not only understand what is required and what is needed for the customer, but also how it will be implemented,” said Evans. “Our experience allows us to know how they are related to each other, making us an effective middle entity between those who are using the services and those who plan the services.