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NEWS | June 6, 2016

98 Army Reserve resident Officers graduating from the Command General Staff Officers College

By COL Norma Jean Bradford Combined Arms Center, Headquarters

On 10 June, the Army Reserve will have the largest representation of Army Reserve resident Officers graduating from the Command General Staff Officers College (CGSOC) on record.

Ninety-eight Army Reserve students will walk the stage and then proceed to their next duty assignment to continue with outstanding contribution to the Army Reserve & total Army. The breakdown includes 79 Officers in Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) status, 18 Troop Program Unit (TPU) status and 1 Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA).

The population is normally around 35 seats for the Army Reserve. The Army Reserve Command as a whole is excited about the opportunities being provided for Army Reserve officers and the education they received here at CGSC will be extremely beneficial in their future assignments.

Three of the group were selected to attend the School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) here at Fort Leavenworth for the next term and two were selected for InterAgency fellowships (with 2 other applications pending). Eight of the students were also selected for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel on the recent board that was released 26 May. Great accomplishments!

For Army Reserve issues on the post, please contact CAC’s Army Reserve Affairs office at 913-684-2240.

Army Reserve Mission- The Army Reserve is a federal (Title 10) force under federal control (accessible 24/7) and provides trained, equipped and ready Soldiers, Leaders, and Units to meet America’s requirements at home and abroad.