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NEWS | May 27, 2016

A Day With the Army Reserve

By Staff Sgt. Deidra Jackson OCAR/108th Training Command- Initial Entry Training

Washington, D.C.-The Private Public Partnership Office (P3O) and the U.S. Army Reserve kicked off the 4th annual “Day with the Army Reserve with a keynote address featuring Under Secretary of the Army Patrick J. Murphy and also Lt. Gen. Jeffrey W. Talley, Chief of the Army Reserve and Commanding General, United States Army Reserve Command. 

LT. Gen. Jeffrey Talley started the keynote address by giving his vision for the P3O.

“The program started with my predecessor LT. Gen. Jack Stultz as a way to help all our great veterans find work in private sectors” he said.

“Most of these programs we call them public private partnership because the emphasis is on government but I put emphasis on the private sector. This is why I have (created) the Private Public Partnership Office since that is where most of our Citizen-Soldiers work, the private sector.”

LT. Gen. Talley expressed how the two sectors could work together to be a valuable asset for the entire Armed Forces.

“I think it’s critical that the Army Reserve provide that continuity to industries and in private sector not just in our communities and we do that by partnering with private sectors,” he said. 

The Army Reserve builds partnerships with private and public organizations in order to maximize success at home and abroad while advancing individual, leader and unit readiness. 

P3O serves as the single point of entry for all organizations wishing to partner with the Army Reserve.

Under Secretary Murphy provided his insights on the importance of P3O and the transition of Soldiers to the private sector.

“We’re not hiring these great veterans because they’re a charity case but we’re making an investment in our team and our companies” said Murphy.

“We know that they’re not victims, we know that our veterans are more likely to be employed and that they are more likely to be small business owners or executives of fortune 500 companies,” he said.

The rest of the morning also featured a discussion on military transition and a speaker from the Institute for Military Support to Governance. 

The afternoon consisted of a joint aviation exercise between Army Reserve, active duty and National Guard soldiers in the District of Columbia at Fort Belvoir’s Davison Army Airfield. This was the first multi-day, multi-component contingency mission exercise held in recent history.

Refueling, sling load and hoist operations as well as a mixed multi-ship formation flight over D.C. involving Army Reserve CH-47 “Chinooks”, active duty UH-60 “Black Hawks,” National Guard LUH-72 “Lakotas”, and an Air Force UH-1 “Huey” showcase the Total Army’s ability to support the National Defense Strategy and Army commitments at home and around the world.