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NEWS | May 16, 2016

88th RSC conducts Strategic Planning Session with key leaders

By May 12, 2016 88th Regional Support Command

FORT MCCOY, Wis. – Key leaders of the 88th Regional Support Command, including 88th RSC Commanding General Maj. Gen. Patrick Reinert and newly appointed Deputy Commanding General Col. (P) Steven Strand, along with representatives of their supported commands throughout the 19 state region conducted a two day Strategic Planning Session on Fort McCoy, Wis., May 11-12.

The session is held annually to ensure the 88th RSC continues to provide the best possible support to Army Reserve Soldiers, families and civilians within its area of responsibility.

In total, the 88th RSC is responsible for providing base operations support and multiple special services to more than 55,000 Army Reserve Soldiers, civilians and family members located in the northern U.S. from the Ohio River to the Pacific Coast.

Day one included the 88th RSC staff review and update of the command's strategic plan, an internal analysis of the strategic priorities, followed by a brief to the commander and deputy commander on performance measure changes.
Reinert focused the 88th RSC key leaders on clarifying the mission and vision statements to ensure our way ahead is clear and our commitment to readiness is communicated.

On day two, Reinert welcomed representatives from 88th RSC supported commands to Fort McCoy and the strategic planning session.

“It’s an exciting time at the 88th RSC,” Reinert stated. “We are starting up a new mission with the addition of an MTOE unit, an operation detachment in support of I Corps. But we must ensure we don’t lose sight of our primary mission,” Reinert continued. “Your success is our priority. Feel free to ask any questions. We want to ensure we provide the best possible services and support,” Reinert said.

Charles Hudson, 88th RSC chief of staff, briefed the newly released 88th RSC Resource Guide, allowing a better understanding of the RSC’s roles and what it does on a daily basis to provide service and support.
“The Resource Guide is a tool we have developed to show, in an easily accessible way, how we can support you,” Hudson stated as he went through the Resource Guide page by page, gathering input.
Discussions and feedback from the supported commands led to ideas on how the product could be updated to ensure it provides the best possible resource information.

“Streamlining the Resource Guide to the needs of our customers and supported units is important,” Reinert said. “Knowing what we can do to support and how to utilize that support is a huge step toward maintaining readiness,” Reinert explained.

Reinert encouraged attendees to reach out to their state ambassadors. “They are a great tool for your commands,” Reinert stated.  “Ambassadors can help leverage support and bring awareness to issues and concerns in your command, while educating local and state officials on the Army Reserve.”

Reinert also highlighted the “Soldiers for Life” aspect of retirement services.

“We want every Soldier to know that if they served their country and received a general or honorable discharge, they are a Soldier for Life,” Reinert said. “We want to reach out to former and retired Soldiers and make sure they know what support is available.”

Suicide prevention and intervention was a deep concern of the attendees. The 88th RSC Director of Humans Resources along with the Director of Psychological Services provided points of contact for direct support, ensuring commands know the best course of action to get the well-being support their Soldiers need to prevent suicides.
The session ended with a briefing on the 88th RSC’s Strategic Plan updates from day one and received valuable feedback from the attendees.

“We appreciate your input in helping us improve our plan, input to help us understand how to do our job better,” Reinert concluded. “We are here to help you get to yes. We are here to help you improve your readiness. It’s your soldiers who are headed out the door in support of our nation, Reinert said.