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NEWS | Feb. 2, 2016

Army Reserve command trains facility coordinators, boosts readiness

By Staff Sgt. Shawn Morris 99th Regional Support Command

CORAOPOLIS, Pa. - The Army Reserve’s 99th Regional Support Command debuted its new Facility Coordinator Training Course during a two-day event held Feb. 2-3 at the Tech. Sgt. Vernon McGarity U.S. Army Reserve Center here.

The course was the first of 13 iterations that are scheduled to be held in FY16 throughout the 99th RSC’s 13-state area of operations that stretches from Maine to Virginia.

“Our facilities are platforms for unit command teams who must provide trained, ready and equipped Soldiers and units to meet our nation's requirements,” said Maj. Gen. Margaret W. Boor, 99th RSC commanding general.

The goal of the training is to educate the facility coordinators on the resources that that the 99th RSC provides, and the processes through which that support is realized. The course is designed to form a more effective partnership between the 99th RSC and the Army Reserve personnel who serve as center commanders and facility coordinators, and to ensure that the facilities managed by the 99th are optimal readiness platforms for current and future generations.

“Every tenant unit in a facility has its own mission and priorities, yet every tenant contributes to safety, security and stewardship,” Boor explained. “Most of us have been on a Forward Operating Base, or FOB; think of your facility as another kind of FOB – a Facility Operating Base.”

The 99th RSC is tasked with operating and maintaining approximately 250 Army Reserve Centers and Armed Forces Reserve Centers for the 45,000 Army Reserve Soldiers and Civilians living throughout the northeastern section of the United States. These training facilities provide Army Reserve personnel the best-possible facilities in which to work, train and prepare to answer their nation’s call, both at home and abroad. 

Without these training facilities, the Army Reserve’s service men and women would be unable to carry out their missions. Having a trained facility coordinator is key to ensuring these facilities continue to meet the training and readiness needs of the Soldiers and units they serve.

“Facility coordinators are an additional duty, and we appreciate the hard work each does,” Boor said.

For those interested in attending the course, call 609-562-7663 for details including registration information and conditions under which the 99th RSC can fund travel costs.