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NEWS | April 30, 2015

Legal operations supported by the Timberwolves

By Story by Master Sgt. Deborah Williams USAR Legal Command

FORT JACKSON, S.C. - On another warm sunny day, the 104th Training Division (LT) started early, preparing the range for the 12th Legal Operations Detachment located on Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The 104th Timberwolves were there to support the LOD in weapons PMI, zero and qualification of M16s and M9s. 

Staff Sgt. John Pompey, 3/321st, 104th Training Division (LT), said, “We are range control, detail and support the ranges by setting them up for units that come out here. We run the range; everything from setting up the targets, loading and distributing ammo, safeties and getting everyone on line. Today we are supporting the 12th LOD. I have enjoyed my job for 16 years now and love it. I was active duty at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, prior to this.”

The Timberwolves provide support for several missions including the Cadet Summer Training, Sandhurst competition at West Point, Cadet Summer Training and Cadet Leader Course. During the summer months, the Timberwolves train about 2,580 cadets at Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET) and 5,900 Military Science, Level III cadets at the CLC at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The 104th provides U.S. Army Reserve trainers, and command staff to facilitate the different training events for the CST mission, which educates and trains college students to be potential officers and leaders in the U.S. Army.

At the end of the month the 104th will support the Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course (CHBOLC). 

“We will be teaching at the Chaplain School here at Fort Jackson,” said Staff Sgt. Ott, 3/321st, 104th Training Command (LT). “There will be 125 Chaplains in this class starting 25 May until 6 June. The training was even filmed one year by a popular news station.” 

There will be approximately 20 Timberwolves supporting this mission. They will conduct Warrior Task Training (WTT) on the basic Soldier skills. Topics include leader development course, confidence course, repelling, land navigation, first aid, CBRN, radio, tactical training and overhead fire. The classes are taught at the Chaplain school and at various field, range and training areas located on Fort Jackson. 

Master Sgt. Corey Poole said “I use to be in charge of tasking the 104th when I worked in G3 at the 108th Training Command (IET) in Charlotte, North Carolina, but now I am assigned to the 12th LOD and the 104th is here to support us.”